15 Creepy Things Babysitters Heard From Kids…

These creepy things that kids have told their babysitters might make your arm hair stand on end. Some kids are known to have a “6th sense”, and they are able to see and hear things many adults would NEVER want to even imagine! I do have to admit, these stories gave ME the CREEPS!

Via:  ebaumsworld.com

Updated: May 26, 2014 — 11:36 pm


    1. We watched 2 men grab school girl from woods frown into a van took some old farm and DPED by 2 ad6dicks shes only 10year old

  1. I was going to go to bed…

  2. I really should have listened to you….

  3. Phet Van Burton check this out and sweet dreams!

  4. Shouldn’t have read this while lying in bed

  5. I think I read this in the morning after I have slept 😉

    1. We watched 2 men grab school girl from woods frown into a van took some old farm and DPED by 2 ad6dicks shes only 10year old

  6. I’ll be making sure my feet aren’t dangling off the bed tonight :/

  7. #3 I’ve heard of somethin like that happening before..

  8. I don’t scare that easily, but officially FREAKED!!

  9. Damn I wish I didn’t read this. So scary

  10. I promise I will never chew on your bones. Lol.

  11. Amber… #4 mostly, but 5 & 15 were pretty creepy too!

  12. Great. I already can’t sleep. :/ This was a splendid idea.

    1. its not creepy at all. ive seen a ghost. he was my papa always whispering to me thing like bye and luv u! my papa died of cancer. I replied to his question one day he asked me whheen. I said when what in tears. NOTHING. the next day was my birthday party. my friends know about me talking to gohsts. on my party at around three they saw a ghost he just whispered… why. they scremed and I rushed to the doors. they told me. I burst out into tears.the last thing he ever said was when will u see me. I had it!!IM ONLY TEn!!! I don’t want to talk to little girls in my mirror I don’t want to talk to papa!! I AM TEN!!

  13. That’s some creepy shit.

  14. Jesso – hope my kids never do this to you!

  15. Thanks Richard Hernandez for scaring da sh*t outta me!! lol

  16. 15 that’s a mean kid right there

  17. I got goosebumps reading those stories.

  18. Have a mug of cement and harden up people lol

  19. I don’t even remember posting this….

  20. Dave Condon I’m not reading this, but thought you might be interested! Lol

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  21. The last one is the best

  22. Glad I didn’t read this at night.

  23. These were pretty good…

  24. The last one is so creepy !!! :O

  25. #15 scary i would need new underwear

  26. Sarah Tomomi Mori Ami Stair Im scared…..

  27. last ones kinda creepy

  28. Look for my true story under comments. I believe because…. read the post.

  29. I hope to never hear anything even similar to this out of my daughter’s mouth.

  30. Ok soooo shouldn’t have read this. I knew I shouldn’t but the temptation was too great and now I regret it.

  31. I’m honestly glad that as we grow older we forget to see things. Wish I could also forget the things I saw when I was young.

    1. What did you see

    2. what did you see?

  32. Kaitlin, thats creepy. No thanks lol!

  33. Abdul Ghani Popal Abdul Azim Malikzada Zaro Afghan : some 3 am reading material :/

  34. Great stories, I want to read more.. It is funny I can’t stand scary movies, but put a book of ghost stories in front of me and I am in heaven. Will have no problems sleeping.

  35. *crawls under blanket* 🙁

  36. The lumberjack was the best lol

  37. Something similar to number 9 happened to me. My father was a brave man to look for what I saw to no avail

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  39. Creepy!

  40. Not going to sleep now!

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