15 Dumbest Patients That Doctors Have Had To Deal With…

While we generally consider doctors to be pretty intelligent people, these patients make them look like rocket scientists! 

Via: weknowmemes.com

Updated: February 24, 2016 — 9:48 am


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  1. Wow. Patty Montes , does this sound like something our PTS would do or what

  2. Jonathan Davis…..read these.

  3. Oh the stories I could tell you

  4. I would love…LOVE to have had these shining diamonds walk into my clinic. I had a knack for driving patients to tears,but hell,why make the effort with these imbeciles? “Mandatory post term abortions for all!”. And to all a good night.

  5. Man no one is that dumb, i’m sorry i don’t buy this one.

  6. 11 & 12 had me cracking up.

  7. Stephanie Grenon yes ma’am!!! Lol.

  8. Rebecca Reilly read this lol x

  9. And these people reproduce. Mull that one over.

  10. Sweet mother of hell some people are fecking stupid

  11. Phuong Tran I wish u all the luck on ur journey as a rn..

  12. Maggots n she didn’t think there was a problem.

  13. From experience yhough if your parents didnt yeach you anything and back in my day there was no sex ed in schools either so how do you learn. It wasnt all over tv etc like it is today.

  14. When I was hospital in the ’70s after having my first child, the woman next to me had just had her FIFTH and didn’t know how she got pregnant

  15. And medical science will never find a cure fo STUPID!

  16. The bigger problem is that these people VOTE, particularly if they are paid to vote!

  17. I would say Im always surprised how dumb people can be but really Im not that surprised anymore.

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