16 Nerdily Perfect Christmas Trees

Here’s 16 Christmas trees that will make the “nerd” in you scream for more! 

1. This perfect retro-gaming tree.

Retro Gaming Tree 1

Via: twitter.com

2. This [Cookie] monstrosity.

Cookie Monster Tree 2

Via: twitter.com

4. This binary beauty.

Binary Christmas Tree 4

That tree is 1,160,006,217 in decimal, in case you were wondering…

5. This Sierpenski tree-angle.

Fractal Christmas Tree 5

6. This rather beautiful circuitboard.

Circuit Board Tree Ornament 6

Via: twitter.com

7. An 8-bit Christmas…

Mario Tree 7

Via: imgur.com

8. …and Christmas Toad.

Mario Toad Christmas Ornaments 8

Via: twitter.com

9. Or, if you prefer:

Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Tree 9

Via: twitter.com

10. Okay you “Whovians”…time to De-cor-ate. De-cor-ate.

Dalek Christmas Tree 10

Via: twitter.com

11. Nerdily beautiful and brings back…”Memories…” 

Memory Tree 11

Via: imgur.com

12. More Techmas joy for you to “compute”. 

More Techmas joy.

Via: Mistress of Malware imgur.com

13. X-wingmas.

14. This colourful Sith lord. (“BTW…I am NOT your father!”) 

Darth Vader Christmas Tree 14

15. He is more machine than tree now! 

Darth Vader Christmas Tree 15

16. This fully armed and operational bauble station.

Via: buzzfeed.com 
Updated: December 26, 2015 — 9:23 pm
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