20 Amazing Microwave Cooking Tips And Tricks

  20 Amazing Microwave Cooking Tips And Tricks. 

1. Tear Free Onions

2. Postage Stamp Removal


3. Softening Brown Sugar


4. Cleaning Your Microwave the Easy Way


5. Microwave Clean-Up Shortcut


6. Microwave Fish


7. Drying Herbs


8. Help Your Honey


9. Hot Compress


10. Juicier Lemons and Limes


11. Are Your Containers Safe for the Microwave?


12. No More Soggy Sandwiches


13. Peel Garlic in a Flash


14. Peel Fruit in a Flash


15. Perfect Poached Eggs


16. Quick Soak for Lentils and Beans


17. Re-Hydrate Stale Bread


18. Be Sure to Pierce Skins of Thick Skinned Foods


19. Give Chips Their Crispness Back


20. Toasting Nuts and Spices. Hmm…What a Nice Aroma!

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Updated: April 16, 2014 — 7:43 pm

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