20 Funny Pet Shaming Signs

 Funny pet shaming signs that will leave you “begging” for more laughs! Maybe there was some funny stuff in those tasty treats after all. Pets love them! 

petshame 1Source: dogtime.com

petshame 2Source: blippitt.com

petshame 3Source: dailydawdle.com

petshame 4Source: pleated-jeans.com

petshame 5Source: dogtime.com

petshame 6Source: dumpaday.com

petshame 7Source: dogtime.com

petshame 8Source: dumpaday.com

petshame 9Source: laughlocker.com

petshame 10Source: sillylittlegiggles.com

petshame 11Source: dumpaday.com

petshame 12Source: dumpaday.com

petshame 13Source: thechive.com

petshame 14Source: themetapicture.com

petshame 15Source: dumpaday.com

petshame 16Source: xaxor.com

petshame 17Source: dumpaday.com

petshame 18Source: shameddog.com

petshame 19Source: thumbpress.com

petshame 20Source(s):  loldamn.com & thelaughhouse.net

Updated: November 25, 2013 — 8:09 am


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  1. Ive always been a fan of RFB&must admit that the ‘Pet Shameing’ posts are the best of the best! Thank you for the Warm Fuzzy feelings that I now have! Cheers JNK

  2. This had me laughing to tears….

  3. Omfg Victoria Josie Joanne The 10th 1 is def twig

  4. 20 reasons why a pet is better than a wife..**WHO SAID THAT** ??-not me..

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