25 Funny Auto Correct Fails

We’ve selected the 25 funniest Auto Correct Fails of 2012.

The more you read, the funnier it gets! 


Source: walltowatch.com

Updated: December 29, 2015 — 10:29 am


  1. That by far was the best laugh I have in a very long time. Tears were coming out. HILARIOUS!!!!!

    1. Same here.. i was laughing so hard…. ahaha.. AUTOCORRECT ur d best!!! xD

  2. Omg I cried through the whole thing just about.

  3. almost choked on a few..my sides are still hurting from laughter! Thanks all!

  4. that was great, thank. I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes from laughter.

  5. OMG….. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard….I almost died…I swear. That was the best way to start the day EVER!!!!

  6. This is so funny . lmao sitting here in an empty house laughing and crying outloud.

  7. omg funniest even i was crying laughing so hard

  8. I needed that

  9. Best laugh I’d had all week.

  10. O my god had me laughing so hard tears in my eyes and sides still hurt

  11. I cry for laughing, my boss think tht im crazy..

  12. Crystal was laughter oops. .mean crying with laughter.

  13. omg I almost peed my pants those were so funny

  14. OMG – had to share, share, share!!! I laughed till I cried! So freakin funny!

  15. Omg. I was laughing so hard I was crying and my face hurt. I am trying to calm down so I can go to bed…but I keep laughing!

  16. Gee, these aren’t TOO hard to fake….people will believe anything

    1. i dont think it is meant to be REAL…its just a JOKE for cryin out loud…..

  17. I can’t breath I’m laughing so much… pass me an inhaler someone haha. Thanks so much.

  18. Wet my pants laughing.

  19. Holy Crap those are funny!!!!

  20. I’m still sore from laughing.. really.. way too funny.

  21. I’m crying here on the bus…. What a bril read ;0)

  22. michelle williams taylor

    crying with laughter

  23. all fake of course.

  24. almost fell out of my chair

  25. Still laughing, have to send to someone!!!!!

  26. ha ha…this stuff happens to me all the time!

    I recently sent a text to my brother asking him if he found a new ‘playmate’ yet. I meant ‘flatmate’.

    Another time while giving my friend house directions I told her we live on top of the ‘battleship’. I meant ‘bottleshop’.

  27. This was so funny my friend shared it with me, I bout died. We were cracking up, it was so funny. My checks and stomach was hurting so bad! Funny stuff & I needed that laugh today!!!

  28. Omg!! Lmao!! I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

  29. Fkn amazing, I’ve never laughed as hard as I did with this one! Woke my kids up at 2323 laughing so incredibly loud! I cried!!!

  30. I really had some good laughs!!! I will forward it to my friends right away!
    So that they can spend some hilarious moments!!!

  31. It takes a lot to make me laugh. These posts had me laughing, crying and almost unable to breath.

  32. Sharon Bloomingcamp

    OMG! I hurt all over and can’t breathe from laughing so hard!

  33. To all those who thought they had to tell the rest of us that these were fake? Screw you. We’re not completely stupid. Of COURSE they are, but who cares? They’re funnier than anything you could come up with. lol

    1. I love it when some idiot sits back and says that these auto corrects are all fake, and just how do you come up with these flashes of insight…a crystal ball perhaps?

  34. Omg I have never laughed so hard !! My sides are hurting !

  35. If your having a bad day reading this is the best thing to cheer anyone up

  36. Am laughing so much am crying! !!

  37. Omg! These things are so fake. Serious think about it on one of them in particular. What auto correct is going to autocorrect a work to Fuckweasel?

    1. Actually, when you put a word in and choose it, most autocorrects give you the option to “add to dictionary” so it will be in the autocorrect bank permanently until the phone is reset or the item is deleted. If they used fuckweasle before (probably insulting a friend or something) then it could easily have been in the autocorrect directory.

  38. Sitting here LMAO all by myself. They were hysterical!!! Must tell friends to check out.

  39. Great
    Needed to laugh like that

  40. What a laugh! This post made my day! 😀

    Have a great one!

  41. I just read it again! Seriously the funniest thing ever!!!

  42. Wow these are so Hilarious, haven’t laughed this hard in a long time ;D

  43. Tears running down my legs again.

  44. this has got to be the funniest thing, I could not stoplaughing!

  45. Those were awesome

  46. That was by far the best laugh I’ve had in forever..still laughing and crying. Omg!!!

  47. How does laptop auto correct to anus? fake!

    1. ASUS would and that is what they initially put. I wonder how things like skittletits, boobsicles and so on get in their dictionary to begin with…

    2. Asus is a type of laptop.

    3. Anus was an autocorrect for ASUS, it’s a laptop brand.

    4. It’s Asus that auto-corrected to anus. It’s a brand of computer.

    5. She typed ASUS and it autocorrected to ANUS. Goof.

  48. 🙂 thank you whoever posted this. it couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed to laugh so bad. I will repost so someone who is having a rough morning can laugh as well.

  49. I knew thi site had to exist n if not it hould just cuz of the hilarious autocorrects ive experienced! As the mom of 2 autistic kids I have an extra appreciation for the “live autistic version of Hotel California” cuz I could conceive of such a thing authentically but still find the possibility of one 2b hysterical!

  50. My side hurts and I cant seem to stop the tears,from laughing so hard,plus I needed that laugh.

  51. I am also very happy to know that I am not the only auto corrected victim 🙂 hahaha

    1. hello how are doing today

  52. HOLY SHEEP SHIT!! I knew back when these fancy phones started out I SHOULD HAVE saved mine, they would have fit right in here!!! Buwaaa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa 😀

  53. You know phones only auto correct with words u used before …. So um ya lol

  54. I want more – best laugh-cry ever. More please!

  55. Words fails me. They really do. I’ve read this three times and end up laughing till I cry. NEVER read it in public!

  56. I loved them. My sucky day just got much better

  57. Capt. Robert Del Valle

    Omg I almost pissed myself reading this.

  58. ROFLMAO…literally for the 1st time in my life I laughed so hard.

  59. Can’t quit laughing… it happens to me all the time! Its worse than the speak text! Luv this site!

  60. That was some funny stuff…great way to end the night, with a good laugh!

  61. Laughing myself to tears, couldn’t even read thru the tears, omg, hilarious!

  62. Omg I am crying with laughter and my sides are in stitches thank you needed that x roflol

  63. Hilarious! I don’ do a lot of comedy but this really got to me. I laughed til I cried!! And then I re-read it!

  64. A great laugh to end a perfect night

  65. I’m 6’2″ 240lbs and I was crying so hard from laughing I had to wait a few minutes between each one just so I could see!
    Thanks for the laughs! (Re-read this 3x to make sure I didn’t have any typos lol)

  66. I haven’t laughed this hard in years!

  67. Lord I needed a.great laugh and now now my sides hurt

  68. Don’t use auto spell or whatever.

  69. ahahaha… damn im cryin of so much laugh… thats why i hate autocorrect… always unable… Damn my belly is hurtin of so much laugh…

  70. Sooooo funny I cried with laughter 🙂

  71. If you think these are real you are a complete moron. Just the fact that these fakes are being passed off as real makes them not funny.

    1. Sorry Qsays, I’m glad I don’t know you if you can’t laugh at these!!! You must be a sour puss to be around!

    2. I love it when some idiot sits back and says that these auto corrects are fake, and just how do you come up with these flashes of insight…a crystal ball perhaps?

  72. Hilarious

  73. Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Fake or Not is a pathetic argument. If it bring a smile or laugh to people then who cares! Autocorrect happens and that is a fact!
    I had a good hard laugh and it has been a long time between such enjoyment.

    So to all you haters, get over it and just enjoy laugh/fun for what it is!

  75. Wow those are crazy!! I Haven’t laughed that hard in a while

  76. Well; I DID have to go the the bathroom but it’s too late now!! Don’t know whether to blame the Auto-correct or my age!!! Too Funny!!

    1. reading these would be a great marketing campaign for Depends.

  77. I cred with slighter. Everyone that saw it did too!

  78. Love these want to see more

  79. i’m usually a very strict/dry humored guy but reading these “AutoCorrect” messages got me laughing so hard i’m crying and can’t seem to stop and i soiled myself DARN IT!!! These messages are stupid and inappropriate but still funny!i’m supposed to be a 44yo adult! but i feel like i’ve regressed back to beinga naughty juvenile again!! UGHHH!!!!!!!!

  80. This is the funniest thing ever it happens up me all the time and my kids always make fun of me. This auto correct sucks most if the time

  81. This is the funniest thing ever it happens up me all the time and my kids always make fun of me. This auto correct sucks most if the time. So you know it’s human to air

  82. Oh my God! I haven’t laughed this hard in years. Hysterical!!

  83. I LMAO until I cried, coughed up stuff, sneezed and I would have tee tee’d myself, especially with this cough. Lord, Lord, too funny I needed that!

  84. laughed so hard I cried

  85. So funny….I laughed so hard, I was crying….good stuff. This happens to me a lot. I have to always check my text before sending.

  86. So funny! I laughed so hard, crying….good stuff. This happens to me a lot. I have to always check my text before sending.

  87. Lame, some of theses are so set up

  88. that was some funny shit omg coughing from laughing so hard

  89. Jajajajajajaaj this is tooo funny!!

  90. The more i read the more i literally cried of laughter funniest thing read in a while thanks for sharing

  91. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Still laughing and wiping tears…

  92. Belly-laugh worthy! I just woke up the whole household.

  93. I needed this, hilarious!

  94. And this is why I have auto correct turned off on my phone. I got tired of it changing correctly spelled words. But they were all as funny as hell.

  95. This is one of the funniest sites there is, thank you

  96. I love this!

  97. Whenever ya need a pick me up from having a rotten day, this site will certainly give your mood a huge lift..there are hilarious!

  98. OMG!!! I laughed so hard I almost cried, could barely see through my tears. the funniest thing ever. lmoa

  99. What did the doctor say to the migit ?

    You will have to be a little patient 😀

  100. OMG – I cannot stand it, I am literally crying from laughing so hard~

  101. Flippin hibiscus! I mean hilarious.

  102. I was laughing so hard I was crying!! I so needed that.

  103. laughing so hard I now have the hiccups!

  104. noticed a trend with iPhones. ill stick to my androids thank you

  105. WOW, what a great pick me up page, belly hurts! Too bad I couldn’t shake some of the fat off with laughter!

  106. Need more of those. So funny we where crying.

  107. Omg these are great!!!! Laughed hard. I needed that

  108. I just heard they discovered a lesbian dinosaur, they decided to call it the Lickalotapus!

  109. They kept getting funnier… My stomach and cheeks hurt so bad right now!!! So damn funny!

  110. OMG!!!! I can’t stop the tears I’m laughing so hard!!!!!!!!

  111. Needed that. Best laff iv had in ages cheers 🙂

  112. I cannot believe how hard I laughed. I am crying so hard and cant breathe. That was freaking hilarious!

  113. autocorrect once made me call my old boss Miss Piggy…yeah I share your hate for auto correct! LMBO 😉

    1. Toooo funny…I need more of these. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  114. makes my day..got stomach cramp from laughing

  115. Lol,, this gave me a great laugh

  116. :-0 More PLEEEEEEASE !

  117. Hahaha…..oruhai oku no apatai koirak (I almost died laughing)I need more of these stuff. My aunt thinks i went crazy – Regards from Borneo.

  118. Sooo funny! The tears are still flowing! Hope I typed this right, can’t see the keyboard..

  119. I cried so hard my kids thought I was crying

    1. If you were crying….I guess they were correct!

  120. I laugh my ass off thy are so funny

  121. Soooo glad I emptied my bladder first, or I would have peed myself!!! This was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time! ! Thanks for sharing, I really needed that! !!

  122. That was great, lmao

  123. Hi there! Can you hear me laughing from the Big Island??? How’s things?

  124. I almost died, I was laughing so hard I was gasping for air…LOL

  125. I have just lol sooooo much

  126. Laughing sooooo hard…… Made my day thmx

  127. As I read these the first thoughts that popped into my head were…Are we hitting the send key before actually reading what we have written? Are we going for speed rather than accuracy? How did AutoCorrect go come up with “anus” when the person wanted to write Laptop. Does autocoorrect now make up words…like “skittlefart”? Can’t we just pick up the phone?

    1. @Don: “How did AutoCorrect go come up with “anus” when the person wanted to write Laptop” Not “laptop” itself, she tried to write Asus (a brand name) and it’s pretty similar anus for that autocorrect matter…

      But sure, sometime no idea how it got correct like that.

      1. Someone probably accidentally pressed n instead of s. Though I don’t understand how that would happen

  128. The funniest one wasn’t even an auto correct. It was when the girl sent a picture of britney spears and her mom was like “whos that person? is that Kim Jong II?” ahahahahaha

  129. Needed a good laugh and this did the trick. Holy cow! Thx for sharing!

  130. Can you pass out from laughing?
    I feel light headed…

    1. Oxygen deprivation from laughing, yes.

  131. Holly crap that was funny!!! Enjoyed that 😉

  132. The lady I care for was sitting here laughing with me ! At first I laughed so hard my face got red she says what in the helps so funny your face is as red as fire !!!!

    1. was that an auto correct? lol. what in the helps?

  133. Died laughing. Can’t top this.

  134. My ribs hurt from laughing ..

  135. Been crying the autocorrects are funby but the come backs are comedy gold

  136. Yeah . . . between AutoCorrect & Siri, smart-phones can be pretty entertaining. Try asking Siri “why are firetrucks red?” or try searching Google for “Chuck Norris” . . . lots more out there ;-))

  137. Even if you made them up they are some of the funniest things I have read for a long time. Chicken vaginas – that is exotic. ROLFL

    1. LMAO!___I misread tht as ‘erotic’ instead of ‘exotic’. LOL___Oh god!

  138. Omg sooooo funny really needed that laugh round about now.

  139. ha ha ha , cannot stand anymore HAHAHA

  140. robbie johnston seabolt

    My bff in new York told me to look this up:)can’t stop laughing I love it!!!!

  141. According to Readers Digest, Laughter is the best medicine…I think I just OD’d reading this stuff. I’ll be back….gotta go eat out your mother.

  142. Omg!!! That was freaking hilarious! I needed a good laugh! Laughed so hard I peed on the couch!!!

  143. too funny,I am curious as to what color fuckweasel is

  144. Best 10 minutes of my life!!

    1. I felt that I gave myself total workout on my abs from laughing so damn hard!! More More More!!!!

  145. Those are so funny….crying laughing from especially the ones where they try. Times to fix it and keep saying thesame thing, cause I have done that

  146. “try 3 times”….see…lol

  147. I am seriously rolling on the floor laughing and crying!!

  148. Altough i’m Brazilian,i understand English very well,and i was laughing so hard that i was holding myself to not pee on my pants.And my little brother was seeing me laugh and wanting to hear the joke,but i just can’t explain it well because,to understand how goddamn funny is this,he had to understand English,what made him a lot angry,for seeing how hard was i laughing.
    That was great!!

  149. Absolutely hilarious I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe I nearly wet myself it was that funny.

  150. Man that was hilarious I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. It was that funny I nearly wet myself.

  151. Hahahahahahahaha. Breathe. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  152. Hahahahahahahaha !! Breathe. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  153. Awesome giggled my butt off

  154. Haven’t laughed so hard in ages, and I laugh and smile All day every day…. thanks for posting!!

  155. I laughed so hard, people were coming to see what was wrong with me!


  157. I laughed so hard I was crying! I needed that!

  158. I’m crying my eyes out with laughter, this is so funny..

  159. I havent laughed this hard EVER!!! Gotta love auto correct!!!!

  160. More please, i never tire of reading these, sooooo funny.

  161. It was so funny I like it my truly best friend Joey like it give me more funny bone again.

  162. I was laughing in the bus and the office, it made me cry before i finished, in the office they thought i was mad!!!!!Lol.

  163. This way hilarious I was criing

  164. I cried tears with laughing so hard my dog ran under the bed. He’s supposed to be a good guard dog. My laughing scared him. He’s still there 1/2 later…..omg my sides hurt. Better then a good comedy on the TV.

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  166. HOLY F*CKING SH*T!!! Hilarious am dying outa laughter!!!

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  170. I CAN ONLY SEE THE CHIPOTLE ONE!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 wheres the rest??? there were so many more!!

  171. i can only read one??? wheres the rest??

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