50 Funniest Dog Shaming Signs

The funniest dog shaming signs just have to be made when their families decide to “show off” their mischievous, yet funny behaviors to the world. Dogs are said to be “man’s best friend”, but some of these cuties have their own “partners in crime”! No matter what…you just gotta love ’em all.

digs tunnels

likes sqeaky toys


chews sweaters

chicken thief


doesn't like owls

door biter

elf on a shelf eaters

face burper

face licker

feminine products

getting his ball

hates rollerbladders

hides dirty undies

humps pillows

ignores dog walker

jalapeno eater

likes bouncey chair

likes dead worms

likes hats and socks

likes scratches

likes toilet paper


makes crotchless panties


nervous flyer

pacifier thief

passport eater

pees on packages


pillow attacker

pool hoppers

potent farts

rainbow poopers

remote chewer

rips hedgehogs noses off

sits by vent

sock monster

tears off siding

toilet paper massacre

arse barker

ate vaselineate housesitters false teethbook shredderbacon thiefbutter eater

check eaters


checks mail

chewed face off stuffed elephant

chewed face off panda bear

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Updated: April 25, 2014 — 3:04 am

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