Cami Secret Cleavage Cover Parody

Cami Secret Cleavage Cover Parody

Comedian Nick Stevens presents “Boob Apron”, a parody of the Cami Secret cleavage cover.

It’s YOUR call. What do YOU think of this hilarious video?
ADULT CONTENT **Warning** Strong Language Used! NOT intended for those who are “TOO SENSITIVE”** LOL! You’ve been warned!!!  NSFW


This hilarious parody is so much better than the original infomercial which can be seen here:


Updated: December 29, 2015 — 1:17 am


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  1. dang-being a guy, i can’t “like” this-snicker..

  2. Talk about “Honest Trailers”.

  3. my goodness, that’s a lot of warnings! People do love to get butthurt over things, don’t they?

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