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  1. I think at times I’m the creep that comments on everything! Can’t help it. Cyber ADHD. New DSM-IV diagnosis, NOS (not Otherwise Specified). I give thoughtful and/or funny responses. No, never been told I’m delusional.

    1. Too funny Judith. I think we all have “been there, done that!”. Thanks for visiting and for your comment! 😉

  2. That’s fucking hilarious and sooo damn true!!!! LMAO love it and I had to share the page!!!!!

    1. So glad you liked it and thanks for visiting. I am trying to add content daily so I hope you’ll visit again 🙂

      1. Very funny indeed.

  3. I love it its awesome

    1. Thanks and glad you liked it. Thanks also for visiting and hope you check back daily 🙂

    1. Too funny Matthew! Thanks for having a L@@K…lmfao! 🙂

  4. I think this is really neat its funny and what nice about it I remeber something like this when I was a kid. I hope you post more of this. I like what it say I. Love the words written in this. Thank you so much I hope you can put more of this.

  5. I think game requests came in a little low on the list. Only four?more like 400. Lol

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