1. Sounds like the memos prior to the season at a non-descript Federal agency……. roflmao

  2. you didn’t include the Pagans which nearly all Christmas traditions are based I’m so offended wait what oh yeah I’m Christian… Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Good Yule, Happy Kwanza or the celebration of your choice …live and let live it’s not always about you if you live by this simple concept no one will ever have to die in the name of some one else’s God

  3. Freakin hysterical, and too true. It speaks to the fact that there can be such a thing as being too politically correct.

  4. The sad truth is I have worked for companies like this…you couldn’t say Merry Christmas because it offended other people…I got in trouble when I said it stepped on my rights. it ended we all worked our normal shifts except we worked extra hard for those who took off for every other holiday…what pissed me off is they took off Christmas too

  5. It was very humorous, sad but true!

  6. This one pre-dates facebook. This is from back-in-the-day, when these jokes were typed and duplicated on the company copy machine. Still a good one!

    1. Glad it STILL gave you a little laugh. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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