This Wife Complains About Husband, Hilarity Ensues

This Wife Complains About Husband, Hilarity Ensues

Wife Complains About Husband


Updated: May 19, 2014 — 2:59 am


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  1. YEAHHH BA-BEEE…HotLingerie7.7 always got this Husband 1.0 working..just make sure after using HotLingerie 7.7 you clear the history, so Husband 1.0 doesn’t have a conflict with it-AHA 8.5 is a program Wife 1.0 doesn’t need running in the background with Husband 1.0, and HotLingerie 7.7’s history leaves AHA 8.5 every time..clear it Ba-Beee ; )

  2. Just Wasted 1 minute of my life reading this shit

  3. Time to reprogram and reboot husband 1.0!!!!!!

  4. i’m sure boyfriend 5.0 probably wishes he had girlfriend 5.0 back..

  5. Works the other way around too

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