Woman Tries To Ask For Advice, Gets Epically Put In Her Place!

This woman tries to ask for advice about her sister and ends up getting put in her place. All I can say is…Kudos to the columnist!

Ask Amy Trip Causes Hard Feelings For Sister

So what do YOU think about the advice the columnist gave? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. Completely agree, just because she is a stay at home mom (a free loader ¡ would call her), that doesn’t have anything else to do than plan her outings, at her husband’s expense, and leave her hard working sister out of the loop, (she does not mention that the sister did anything wrong to her), and call herself a church goer, she is no more than a hypocritical person with no family values

    1. You’re an idiot. Being a stay at home mom is a job. Believe me, I’ve done both and working a job is much easier. Your foolish comment is another example of stupid people being able to say whatever they want. Go back to your cave, troll.

      1. Actually, she never said you didn’t work hard at home as a stay at home mom. She just said this stay at home mom is the worst kind. Plan outings , spend all the husbands money and looks down on her working single mom sister? Please tell me how she offended you by speaking the truth about this woman?

      2. Please, I work full-time and take care of my home, children and husband…as a matter of fact we all chip in to take care of the home…unless your child is very young or ill…you should be working…I’m off today and have all my errands and house cleaned (being that we are always cleaning up after ourselves) that’s it only 1pm….and I’ve got about 5 hrs to get dinner ready!!!! Lazy, I stayed home for a couple days due to the flu…and couldn’t wait to go back to work!!

        1. Nancy… Surely you are joking. Who do you think volunteers in the classes at your children’s schools? Who chairs all of the dances, book fairs, etc? Who drives the kids to their field trips? I don’t judge you for working and sending your kids to daycare and after school latch key and you shouldn’t be claiming that women who sacrifice their lives to raise their kids are lazy. We all work hard. Shame on you for being so self righteous.

          1. I guess that I should have said that I know a lot of woman who stay at home and are participating in schools, book fairs, field trips, etc…then go visit their home and its if they never heard of cleaning??????? So, if you are at home and taking your time to help out the schools and to spend more time with your kids…great, I guess if I actually had that option….for me I have to work to pay the bills and mortgage..

        2. How’s the view from that pedestal you’ve placed yourself on Nancy, perhaps you could join the ladies in this article? Sounds like a pretty self righteous circle, you’ll fit right in!

  2. How about all you sisters and cousins get together and collect a little bit of coin , and make it affordable for the sister to come along in the first place…..if she does not like shopping …she could do something else and meet you for lunch and supper, kindness goes a long way ….and as Christians….that’s what we do !

  3. What a christian! I wouldn’t want to he friends with them and what are they teaching thier children

    1. Where were the words Christian? You people assume a lot.

  4. I’m not surprised at all with her attitude,that’s classical among”Christian people”!!!!!!

    1. Funny no where in that article does she say she is Christian. She says she is a churchgoer… First of all, there are other religions that attend “churches”, so your preconcieved notion of what makes a church is misguided if not biggoted. Second of all, if I were to say that something was typical of hispanics, or blacks I would be called a racist, so what are you? (In fact people who say those things are racist.) Everyone wants inclusion and acceptance unless it’s for a Christian.

      1. No, there aren’t other religions that attend churches. Jews attend temple, synagogue or shul. Muslims attend temple or mosque. Neither religion calls it a church. That is a Christian term.

        Personally I’m not buying this story. It sounds like a liberal “hate baiting” story.

      2. Maybe it is jumping to conclusions that the person is Christian, yet ultimately almost every religion teaches compassion and therefore the judgement of this woman being selfish is totally reasonable.

      3. Exactly!! But I’m not surprised by that comment from a non church going person.

  5. First off it may very well be that the writer is acting like a “small person” by excluding her sister for trivial reasons. However, what bothered me were the two sentences “She is offended to the point of tears when she finds we have not invited her” and “She takes it very personally, and last year even came over to my home unannounced crying about it, which upset my children and caused my husband to threaten to call the police if she did not leave.” These sentences are red flags to me that the sister might also have some serious mental health issues, and that is a much bigger problem than is portrayed in the article. I personally have had two family members with serious mental illness and/or are extremely emotionally abusive. Their issues make it nearly impossible to hold friendships, and they often attack other family members, sometimes it seems because they are easy targets, and often there is basically nobody else in their life to attack. The rest of the family along with myself have endured humiliation, verbal abuse, harassment, etc. for years. Basically the ones who judged me for excluding one of them did not have to live with someone like that on a day-to-day basis, and often openly admitted they were glad not to (ivory tower?). The ones who didn’t judge me were usually other family members who had to live with it or others who had experienced the abuse firsthand. As a side note, it is also possible the writers’ original letter was “edited” to make her appear as small-minded as possible…I myself have submitted letters to newspapers before only to have my words twisted around almost beyond recognition; perhaps you have too. Basically what I’m saying is not to be too quick to judge when you are not living in their shoes.

    1. I think you are projecting your own Problems Here wehre those two sentences do not indicate any mental illness at all but a natural reaction that comes with the feelings of rejection from those who should be closest to you

      1. It seems odd to me that a natural reaction of feeling rejected would cause someone to threaten to call the police? That just doesn’t seem normal to me at all; I wonder if there is more to the story than what we are being told. I do agree with you that isolating the sister is not going to really solve anything, but *if* there are serious issues going on (esp. with boundary issues) it’s not always helpful to subject your family to it either.

        1. Nicole, are you saying that the excluded sister threatened to call the police? That’s not what the writer said….THE WRITERS HUSBAND was going to call the police on the crying sister bc her natural reactionof crying at being rejected and humiliated in such a way was upsetting the writers family.
          People like the writer worry me DEEPLY. Its these kind of selfish self centered ding-dongs-whose morales and values are so askew- AND HAVE CHILDREN (children who are learning this terrible behavior every minute of the day) who are dragging this world down. Sounds dramatic, but the writer sees NOTHING WRONG with her own behavior. Nothing Amy or us responders say will ever change her mind. The day the other sister showed up in tears, and then had the cops threatened to be called on her…after other sister left, what do you think she told her children? Who, the way the writers story reads, saw the whole thing bc no one thought to move them out of ear shot? Since she clearly feels justified in her actions, you can bet she calmed them down by saying thing along the lines of what she said in the article; aunt so-n-so is just upset bc she doesn’t understand she needs friends of her own kind, aunt so-n-so is mad bc she couldn’t afford the trip the rest of the family went on….things enforcing (or reenforcing) a social attitude that tells them its okay to turn your back on people who are FAMILY, people who may NEED YOU, and anyone you (poor children of writer) feel is different. If one of her kds were smart and hearfelt enough to say something similar to the general concensus of every other response on this board (bc kids see RIGHT THRU the bs) she, the writer, would’ve given an answer that (once all the bs that flew threw her mouth is filtered out) was interpreted as :its ok to hurt people you don’t like.
          People like this selfish writer raise bullys, ALL KINDS of bullys, and its why so many many many children of THIS, the LAST and the NEXT generation grow up and go thru life with their head down for fear of interaction with people/kids like writers children-people who will hurt you,cut your heart out then say “What???!!!!”- and its not fair.
          Why do the VICTIMS of this kind of behavior end up with all the REAL repercussions? Its the victims who end up being productive members of society…I think bullying should be ENFORCED with zero toleration. Schools SAY bullying is not tolerated in this school all over the country. But you spent some time in ANY school as a volunteer and you’ll find dozens of kids who say “yeah, well what about THAT kid?” and think that statement is simply that…an empty statement.
          Bullys should be explelled after 3 incidents-physical OR emotional, and should be forced to be home or online schooled.How long do you think it’ll be before one of writers kids do something horrible to a school mate?
          Don’t let it happen in your school people! Start looking closely at the behavior of the children in your childs school…then look at the parents. People who believe in like BELONGS with like, and not our kind dear, shouldn’t be allowed to infect or damage our children in ANY kind of way.
          I reread what I just wrote, and it sounds like a crazy ramble. But I mean everything I said here. I look at the children who are subjected to not just bulliness, but your every day garden variety type jerks. It changes them. Permanently. One day a child could be so full of confidence and willing to explore ANYTHING…then one kid says something awful. Normally a kid whose parents are of the jerk variety who day things like “not MY kid!” Or “I don’t interfere with who my child likes and doesn’t like…s/he is entitled to have an opinion…that other kid needs to grow a backbone!” Then the next day, that quick, the child who was picked on is secind guessing everything they do. They limit themselves between what they want to DO, and what someone else may think about them if they do it.
          Its not fair.
          Zero tolerance is a half hearted promise.

          1. Trish – by “someone” I was referring to the husband. What I was saying was that simply crying over feeling rejected should not normally provoke someone to threaten to call the police; while it could have been over-reaction on the husband’s part, there is probably more going on here. Like you said, I do question how smart it is for any adult to make a scene in front of children, things like that should be dealt with privately. If the writer really was just being small-minded I’m not trying to condone that. However, IMO, even through rejection stings, it is still a part of life, and I can’t base my happiness on other people doing or not doing what I want them to, especially family. I’d be just setting myself up for failure.

        2. Nicole, there’s no mention by Sad Sister of Wendy having emotional problems. Based on the fact that Sad Sister outlined all the reasons they weren’t inviting Wendy each year, I’m inclined to think she would’ve also said something about Wendy being too emotional or unstable, if that were truly a pattern for Wendy and not simply a reaction to this specific situation.

          1. Claire – Like I said before, I think we are not being told the whole story. Newspapers routinely edit submissions (often with a bias in mind), so important information could have been left out that way, or the writer might not have communicated herself completely in the first place. When things don’t make sense sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask questions. I am not living in this family’s shoes so I don’t know what is *really* going on. I wish this family well.

          2. The letter mentions at least five other adults in the family involved (sister, cousins, cousins’ SIL, and husband). The people *actually living* in the situation appear to support “Sad Sister” instead of telling her she’s going too far. Why is that? Until “Sad Sister” has a fair chance to respond *unedited* I’m still going to have some reservations about this article.

        3. They are horrible people, of course they would call the police.

    2. Jesus cares about the excluded sister’s pain. If there is more going on here, which there usually is, and “Wendy” has also upset her sister, nieces/nephews and brother-in-law to the point of threatening to call the police – well, Jesus cares about their pain too.

    3. BTW my comment at 12:21 was not directed at anybody, just a general comment.

  6. I think each individual sister should visit the outcast sister one at a time to bond and be open to her differences. If the one sister that is so much trouble is not a thief, or a bad person, why not get a one on one with each sister? When the time comes for a get together, couldn’t they give her a choice as to whether she could attend? God is not keeping score how many times that sister goes to church; rather he looks at people’s kindness. They think they are better than her and leave her in a puddle of tears. Maybe a family therapy with all the gals will get the issues resolved. I wish them growth.

  7. I think the sister who is excluding he other sister is a bitch and a hypocrite hiding behind the church – I personally have no regard for organized religion – was raised in the Christian faith and now am a spiritual being who loves God as I understand him/her, but this person is a selfish, conceited person who Karma one day will take care of.

  8. jamie lynn bivens

    That’s horrible! Sounds like they think they are better than the divorced lady. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  9. I just read a few articles this morning about good citizens picking up a group of autistic children’s tabs over $450, another about a single father’s tab being picked up, and one about a soldier’s tab being picked up. It amazed that people do this, but for these “church going” ladies to not pick up the tab for their family member who clearly is struggling and works full time to support her family is absolutely disgusting to me. This woman is a horrible person and so are her family members that would look down on a woman doing what most women would not be able to do on their own. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. What a cold hearted bitch…NOT a Christian in my book!

  11. I won’t lie! I have a 10 month old, 2 dogs, a cat, a husband, a full or over time exhausting Nursing job and today was my day off and you can bet your butts. I stayed in my lounging clothes and cuddled with the LO ALL day long. LAZY LADY I AM

  12. Well done editor certainly put her in her place

  13. What a wonderfully executed burn.

  14. What horrible people! Make a freakin’ effort! Gesh!

  15. A parent might stay at home with their children to give them more one-on-one care, or commute to work to be able to afford to keep the family home, or even give their kids up for adoption so the kids can have a healthier and more stable life. People tend to get caught up in internet mommy-war drama based on the superficial differences, but I believe these parents’ intentions are all basically the same – giving of themselves so their children can have better lives, and for that I think they should all be commended.

  16. It’s amazing…this happened to me; and I am being told it is because I am now a widow, all my friends are married, and hang out as couples. So all those years of friendship was contingent on the fact I had a husband, and now that he is gone, so are they, But somehow, even though I am the one who is hurt, I just have to live with it. I should just understand. Very twisted and sad.

  17. What a 2 legged twat monkey! I totally agree with the advice she was given.

  18. Unfortunately sad sister won’t hear any good advice or even understand it. She and her other sisters are very self absorbed. But she forgets one thing….Karma will catch her someday. Remember her children will learn from her.

  19. I totally agree with the reply,

  20. I have a couple who let play there 3 years olds with real knife and sharp things.

  21. The funny part in all this the asker sounds like the kind of person that would have told all her friends that she had asked this question, on how to deal with her sister, (you know in an effort to gain sympathy and understanding for herself)

  22. Rotflmfao Megan!!!!!! Omg that was priceless!!!!!

  23. gotta love that answer ; )

  24. Regular Church goers usually seem to be the ones that need to go more often. Problem is they think they are better than everyone else because they say they follow Gods word. In reality if there were a God, he would strike these Posers down.

  25. Amen! Some people think that by regularly attending “church”, it makes them a better person. Obviously this person has no compassion or the ability to see how ignorant and hurtful she is!

  26. Churches are the worst, but yet they think their shit don’t stink

  27. I also like to refer to people like that as twat rockets or twat waffles. On occasion I also use douche canoe.

  28. There’s only two word for that family ” No Class ” !!!!

  29. Great answer to a nasty person….she deserved that.

  30. Sometimes, even if you’re unable to attend (for whatever reason), it’s nice just to be acknowledged and invited.

  31. Sadly I know lot of churchgoers who take the stance of “I go to church so I am instantly a better person than you”….. Well, I’m an atheist and I judge people by how they treat me, regardless of religion, race, sexuality, class, gender or age.

    The sad thing is that if she is stupid enough to send this letter in the first place, she is probably too stupid to act on it in the correct manner, and instead feel hard done by.

  32. What a hippocrite May god have mercy on your soul … Sorry forgot you haven’t got one………. The one person that needs a break is cast aside.. Shame on you

  33. First off! They are all church goers! They should all have there hearts open to her and her personal issue ! 2nd pitch in money to let her be apart of what you are all planning! So sick of people preaching the word! And not paying it forward! I feel the sisters pain! WRONG! Women! Great your church goers! WHAT THE HECK ARE ANY OF YOU SAYING! YOUR SPREADING HATE! NOT! LOVE! WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  34. AMEN! This is another reason I quit going to church.

  35. Everyone can say they are people of GOD! Walk the walk!!!! This PISSES ME OFF!

  36. Reese me too! I love GOD and people! And don’t tell me your religious and say this! OMG! I walk with the one and only! He will jude me when he chooses! And I want to have done more good than bad! But that is him to decide so……

  37. Who would want you as a friend even let alone a sister god is your judge ask him what he thinks of you ?

  38. I’m ready and gonna walk the walk……..

  39. Not you Reese this story! Amen to you for responding to my post! I meant the people in this article ! GOD BLESS YOU REESE

  40. I hope her tears stop falling! And find real friends that love her for who she is! Never hurts to be lifted from a bad place!

  41. Patrica Lucas some one who loves me for real!

  42. Good on the agony aunt!! Kick her ass!

  43. never understood that kind of thinking,,, i always try to include the person, do something that you know they would like or be able to attend, the whole idea is to accept and respect, oh and don’t hide behind your religion, that is a very poor excuse for being an a$$.

  44. Sometimes I feel like the left out sister.

  45. I love it lol she needed to be put in her place selfish witch

  46. she is a horrible person…stuck up church goer hypocrite….I am a Christian but have no tolerance for those kinds of people

  47. I will be Wendy’s friend and treat her like a sister!

  48. Wendy should be glad they don’t include her. I’m sure they are a vicious group and probably hurt more people than her . They are the type that leaves a dog in a hot car !

  49. Wow she’s a terrible person

  50. Excluding Wendy may very well be a Blessing in disguise. Think about it…she doesn’t join them: 1. she works that day so her pay is consistent; 2. she doesn’t spend money that she doesn’t have for the trip, the room or the shopping (trying to keep up with the girls); 3. she is not subjected to any mindless chatter/gossip; 4: her child is not left at “sad sister’s” home where cousins & uncle could be just as “sad”

  51. Best advice ever given..

  52. Church or no church, she is their sister and should have been included. Let her decide for herself if she’ll enjoy it or not. Just being thought of makes a huge difference on someone’s self esteem.

  53. Saw this in the paper recently. Was aghast when reading the womans letter, and thrilled when I read the reply. Finally. Truth.

  54. She’s a stuck up bitch and going to church didn’t teach her fuck all. Wendy could do better than than her, get rid.

  55. What a self centered a**. Great advice. AGREE

  56. she’s a very horrible person….I’d like to see her get out of rotting in hell

  57. Awesome reply by columnist! As far as the sister who’s a churchgoer with the rest of her cronies, ya’ll are hypocrites. It doesn’t take a deity or a church to be a good person and be compassionate to others. Ya’ll are pathetic (Wendy’s family).

  58. Love it. She got what she deserved. I don’t think God would be very happy with her. She won’t buy her way in to heaven just by sitting on a pew. “Do unto others……”

  59. Sounds like one of my nieces

  60. Really…What if this was done to her child on the playground? Friggin’ lunatic!! She’s a bully…plain and simple.

  61. Boom! Kudos to the columnist

  62. Some never mature past the 7’th grade “cheerleader camp” tactics and truly believe that every one else is just jealous.

  63. Cain and Able! Candice and Alison! Sibling shit really!

  64. I am fairly certain I know who “Wendy” and “Sad Sister” are. I won’t say how. I have not seen them for some time. “Wendy’s” family have never been nice to her. I would watch them say cruel things to her, things they would never say to anyone else, and the way they talked behind her back was even worse. She was the butt of their jokes. Wendy is not crazy or mean, or violent as far as I know or have ever heard. Wendy is the most open minded one in their whole family. Once I was in her mom’s kitchen and Wendy had finally got a diagnosis for her health troubles and her mom actually MADE FUN OF WENDY. Who does that to their daughter? I no longer see this family anymore because I am no longer connected to any of them because of a change to my marital status. I hope Wendy reads all this support and breaks off all relationships with this family and their whacked-out cult of a church. There is nothing really wrong with Wendy but I think from time to time her family gets to her and she cries and tries to defend herself but that’s the worse they can say. Sad Sister’s husband is an ex-Marine douchebag and is simply a jerk. To everyone, even little kids!

    I used to be VERY connected to this family and thank God I am not anymore in any way. The reason why Wendy wanted to be part of this cousin and sisters group is the church they are part of don’t believe in making friends with people outside their group and she just wanted friends from her church. She had also been living out of state for a few years and left friends behind to join her family, which I am sure she lived to regret.

    PS There is a reason this family is so mean to Wendy and it starts with the parents who are “ultra-christian” but their father cheated on their mom every chance he ever got and they grew up in an atmosphere where the dad was always gone, the mom was always at her wit’s end. It’s not Wendy’s fault but the mom is the one who took it out on Wendy and the other girls just followed in her path. When I first met this family I believed what they said about Wendy and I was not very nice to her but as time went on I realized they were a raging bunch of hypocrites and I felt badly for being rude to her as well. I hugged her goodbye and told her her sisters suck and she doesn’t deserve it and that was the last time I ever saw ANY of them.

  65. I just re-read the entirety of the letter and now I am thinking this is not the family I thought it was, sorry. Still an exact same situation.

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